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Last year my Church was offering Financial Peace University By Dave Ramsey so Jackie, my husband, and I all signed up and took the course.  By the end, we were making progress through the steps and implementing what we learned.  One thing we started using was an envelope system to help us with budgeting and spending.  (Spending is planned out in the beginning of the month according to needs and categories.  Cash is kept in the envelopes to eliminate over spending on credit cards) Jackie soon ran into problems, mainly her envelopes falling apart when kept in her purse.  I decided to keep mine at home and they lasted longer.

Recently I ran across a DIY for an envelope accordion book to store various desk odds and ends.  I thought the accordion book would be perfect for the envelope system, not only because my old one needed to be replaced but also because it is customizable!  If you are not making this envelope organizer for money it would also be great for stamps, stickers, receipts or any other pieces of paper you want to keep organized.

First choose your envelopes, any odd number.  I made two organizers with five envelopes each and each one is made of two different size envelopes.
Using a glue stick, connect the envelopes together by gluing the inside flap of one envelope to the bottom of the next envelope.   Use a straight edge to make press the paper together and recreate a straight a fold if necessary.

Fold the pages accordion style, making the pointed flap of the first envelope the cover.

I added scrapbook paper to various places in order to “jazz it up” a bit.

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