Duck Tape Wallet & Phone Holder

Whenever I go to the gym I always have to find some creative way to hold my keys, water bottle, towel, and chapstick since I don’t have pockets.  I generally leave everything in my car or a locker and carry my by hand. I want to have my phone so I can listen to music or if something happens.  However I never bring it because I am afraid of forgetting it if I have a ton of stuff in my hands.  A while ago, someone came into my work with a nice wallet of just pockets to hold her ID and credit cards that I’m pretty sure was made out of duck tape.  I seem to have collected a bunch of duck tape…I bought them all on a great sale so it seems justifiable.  So this inspired me to create something to hold all of my crap when I go to the gym so I don’t lose anything!  This also is perfect for going out when I use a smaller purse to just bring my ID, some cash, and keys.

What you will need:

  • Card stock (or any type of thick paper like material)
  • Cell phone
  • 2 Duck tape patterns (I used checkered & black)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pen or pencil

I am not giving ruler measurements because cell phones come in all different sizes, you will need to decide what size works for you.

Place cell phone on card stock to figure out how big to make wallet. Leave about ¾”margin around phone on all sides to allow room to move and fold tape.



Tear off 3 pieces of duck tape and stick them to cardstock.  Because I used a checkered pattern I tried to line up the squares so my pattern would look continuous.  Do this depending on what pattern tape you are using. Do this to both sides of card stock, once finished trim of excess tape with scissors.

To make pockets rip off 2 pieces of duck tape.  Hold them next to large base piece to figure out how big to make pockets.  Overlap 2 pieces of tape for pocket so they are touching and make one larger sheet (again pay attention to duck tape checkered pattern).  Rip 2 more pieces of duck tape and place on top to adhere to the bottom piece, again overlapping to form a large pocket. Trim edges to remove excess. Repeat this step 2 more times to make a total of 3 pockets (or however many are desired). Make 2 large pockets and 1 smaller pocket.

Rip a strip the length of pockets out of black duck tape to make a trim.  Rip it down the middle so it is half the width of normal duck tape.  Place one edge of black tape on pocket and fold it over hot dog style (Remember that from elementary school?!) onto other side to create an even trim. Cut of excess. Do this to all pockets.

Once all pockets are done it is time to attach them to main wallet piece.  Line up pocket edges with wallet, placing one large pocket on front side and 2 pockets on back.  The side with two pockets should have them overlapping like the photo, trim the bottom of one pocket if needed to make it smaller.  With all pieces together, rip a piece of black tape and tear down middle again and place on bottom of wallet attaching all pockets together.  Cut excess from edges. Make a trim the same way to both sides of wallet, further attaching pockets.  Cut excess.  And finally, make a trim on top of wallet to complete the design, cut off excess.

Note: After I was done I decided to add a metal grommet and a key ring to easily attach my keys to my wallet.  I’ve had a grommet kit since I was a kid and finally used it!  Also, if pockets are too tight to used easily, use scissors to make a small snip in trim on inside of the pocket and push exposed adhesive down to make pockets easily accessible. I like this version much better!

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