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DIY Wax Seal on Letters

For my wedding, I decided to make my invitations myself to save some money and to get the look I wanted.  With a little help from Micheal’s and Office Depot I was able to create invites I truly love!  I plan on sharing them with you closer to the wedding, as soon as all my guests receive their invites.  But I will share with you this little personal touch I added, a wax seal to seal the envelope.

Wax seals have long history is letter writing and I always remember seeing them in movies about the olden days. I wanted to use them on my wedding invites to give it more of an elegant and official look.  I bought my seal at Micheal’s (with a 50% off coupon!) and also bought silver glitter glue sticks to make the seal. Okay I know, I didn’t actually use  wax; they sell it in the store or you can use a candle, but I tried both methods and the glue stick was soooo much easier.

What you will need:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Seal stamp
  • Colored glue sticks or wax sticks
  • Cooking spray
  • Newspaper

I suggest you practice on scrap paper or newspaper a few times, it took me a while to get the right amount of glue.

Cover working area with newspaper to protect it. Place colored glue stick into gun and allow to heat up. Drip glue onto envelop where you want the seal to go, for me about one pull of the trigger was enough glue.  Spray stamper with cooking spray and wipe off any excess on a napkin; you don;t need a lot of oil, just a little to prevent any sticking.  Respray as needed.  Allow glue puddle to sit for about 30 seconds, than press stamp straight down into puddle.  Press firmly for 5-10 seconds. (This will allow glue to fill and the spaces in stamp) Tilt stamp slightly to one side and pull off, leaving your stamp behind in the glue.

Set envelopes aside to cool fully before touching the stamp.

If you plan to mail these, ask the post office to hand cancel the letters or invitations because when they sort the mail the machine may tear off your stamp!  This happened to me and I was pretty upset because they said they would be hand canceled and weren’t.

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