DIY Pull Down Nursing Top

DIY Pull Down Nursing Top

One of the trickiest parts of being a new mom is getting the hang of nursing, especially in public.  Throw in layers of clothing, covers, public gawking and crying babies and it gets a little overwhelming.  After I got home from the hospital I quickly realized I didn’t have nearly enough nursing tops.  I sent my sister out on a scavenger hunt with a small budget and she came through.  But even though I added a couple more nursing tanks to my wardrobe I still found myself needing more.  Breaking the bank for clothing is not option, especially while I am not working.  I decided to convert a few of my favorite pre-preganancy tanks to be pull down accessible so they could populate my wardrobe once again.  The diy pull down nursing top was converted by adding a simple bra clip.  Whala, I am back to my old wardrobe and able to whip my boobs much more quickly when my baby requests. Win, Win.

What you need:

  • Tanks
  • Bathing suit bra clips or Fashion straps

I looked around Joanne’s and found bathing suit clips in a two pack for about $3.  Then a little further down the aisle I found fashion straps, on clearance, for $3.  Score!  The fashion straps come with four clips, a BOGO in mind!  If you have some on hand already from an old bra that would be even better… free.

First disassemble your tank straps, leaving all the material in tact.  I used a seam ripper on the front and back.

Then attach the bra clip with your sewing machine running a few stitches through the material.

Once sewn into the tank simply slide the clip through the pull down clip of any nursing bra and the tank will pull down with the bra.  Simple as that, any tank can be converted to a Pull Down Nursing Top.

Now I can wear any top over my tanks.  I love how I have made my wardrobe very nursing friendly.  Lets face it, adjusting to motherhood is stressful enough, the last thing on my mind is shopping for new clothing.

Have any new mom tricks?  Share them in the comments below.



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