DIY Foam Stamps

I love stamping to personalize and set things apart from other projects.  It is even more fun to make your own stamps to add even more personalization.  In the past I have made stamps out of erasers but I thought I would try something new and make some foam stamps.  These foam stamps are made from blocks of wood and foam sheets.  We had the wood just sitting in the garage and the foam sheet was only $1.25 so making stamps is WAY cheaper than buying them.





What you need:

  • Wood blocks of various sizes
  • Foam sheet
  • glue and scissors

First get some inspiration for patterns you want to use.  I browsed pinterest and google images for a bit before I could finally decide.  Repeating patterns are easy to start with.  Cut all the pieces and glue them on the wood.

The arrow was a little more challenging.  I found a favorite arrow graphic on google images and used it as a guide.  Trim the foam sheet to the size of the wood and then beginning cutting the foam into the desired arrow shape.

You can make foam stamps as complicated or simple as you like.  Let us know what kind of stamps you make!

4 thoughts on “DIY Foam Stamps

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  2. Just want to know what kind of glue did you use that worked best? I’m putting foam pieces on blocks of wood. Do you sand the already smooth wood where foam will be placed?
    Thank you,
    Gini Shurtleff

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