27th Aug 2013

No Sew Couch Pillow

I bought this pillow a few months back to use as a craft and it didn’t work out; hey they can’t all be winners.  So I decided to make a...

11th Jul 2013
With Washi Tape

Jazzed Up Clothes Pins

Last weekend we hosted Jackie’s last bridal shower.  This shower was smaller than the last but still just as fun!  We showered Jackie with undies and lingerie for her wedding...

05th Jul 2013

Wedding Instagram Sign

With Instagram becoming more and more popular it is a great way to see other people’s photos from your wedding or other special event.  We made a hashtag for guest...

24th May 2013

Sideways Patio Planter

Growing up my home and yard was always filled with tons of plants because my mom loves gardening.  Now that I have my own to build up, I wanted to...

23rd May 2013
Chore Chart

Chore Chart Remake

Its been over a year since my last chore chart creation and I felt it was time for a re-vamp.  I also wanted to re-style this chart to make it...

28th Apr 2013

Metallic Art

Every time I go to a thrift store I look for canvas paintings or wooden frames.  I have collected quite a few, much to the dislike of my husband.  Well...

25th Apr 2013
Chipboard Monogram

Chipboard Monogram

Have you ever been walking through your favorite hobby store and were suddenly inspired by one of those idea pamphlets?  On my last shopping trip I took with Jackie this...

05th Apr 2013

Dresser Revamp

I recently scoured Craigslist in search of a new dresser to complement my new headboard and night stands.  Low and behold I found a dresser that matched my night stands...

15th Mar 2013
Ombre String Art

DIY Ombre String Art

Over the last few months one of my go to verses is “Be still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10.  I wanted to post this verse somewhere in...

01st Mar 2013
IMG_5323 wm

Wine Bottle Lamp

These have been all over the internet thanks to Pintrest and the people who make their own bottle lamps. You can use anything from a glass vase, wine bottles, or other liquor...

22nd Feb 2013
DIY Clothing Rack

DIY Clothing Rack

Jackie recently attended a clothing swap party.  She brought this wonderful idea to me, and we decided to throw our own.  As I began to dream up party plans I...

01st Feb 2013
IMG_5079 wm

Mason Jar Patio Light

Here is another craft for all you Mason jar fans out there…so pretty much every woman who is crafty!  These are mason jar lights that run off of solar power,...

25th Jan 2013
Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard Wall on a Budget

Growing up we all colored on the wall at one point or another.  Some parents flipped and others handled it more rationally but in the end we all learned that...

18th Jan 2013
IMG_1282 wm

DIY Light Box

In case you haven’t noticed, we take a lot of pictures here at In-lala-land.  Jackie and I had had a lot of trouble getting the shots we wanted due to...

20th Dec 2012
IMG_0357 wm

Card Display

Todays post is Day 10 of our Christmas series.  That means Christmas is almost here!!  Today we are giving you two ways to display all those lovely Christmas cards we...

29th Oct 2012
hidden creatures

Spooky Hidden Creatures

It is almost Halloween and I have come down with the stomach flu.  (And I didn’t even party this past weekend!) My fingers are crossed that I will be better...

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