14 Day Instagram Photo Challenge

Back again, we have another Instagram Photo Challenge for you! If you would like to see our first challenge you can find it here. With Instagram now available or Android phones, Facebook buying Instagram for $1 billion dollars, and many people searching on the internet for photo challenges, I thought creating another photo challenge would be fun!

Download the photo list below so you can reference it to know what your picture assignment is for the day.  Upload your photo to instagram and add our hashtag #lalalandphotochall in the caption field along with whatever you want to say about your picture.  Check out other people’s photos for inspiration or just to admire, and spread the word!  Start whenever, a photo challenge is about your creativity so don’t worry about starting at a different time then other people.  Also, part of the challenge is trying to take one photo a day so try to stick with it and not skip any days!

Follow us on instagram to see what we are doing as well, my username is: buttcrackie  my sisters user name is:  nb3rry

Also I would like to thank everyone who participated in our previous photo challenge, hopefully we get to see your wonderful photos again!


I want to try to make one new challenge a month…or in a certain similar time frame.  If you have any ideas for themes or day assignments let me know by leaving a comment!