easter swag

Easter Swag

As I mentioned in my Carrot Easter post my mom is letting me help with her Easter decor this year.  I found some really cute ideas online and sent her links to make a final selection.  My mom choose plastic egg garland I found on Pinterest, because she has acquired quite a few eggs when we were young and this is a really cute way to reuse them.  If you are planning to buy plastic eggs I strongly recommend buying eggs that have small holes in them.  Most of our eggs were not pre-holed and my mom, sister and I poked them all with thumb tacks and hammers.  This part of the project was not much fun… but we did get a few laughs and broken thumb tacks.

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Adult Easter Egg Hunt

As our other Easter posts this week have said, we are having a party at my mom’s house tomorrow with our family to celebrate Easter.  I think she is having fun planning this party because she is going all out on decorations, food, and now she wants to have an Easter egg hunt!  Pretty normal for an Easter party, right?  Except, I am the youngest person who typically goes to our family gatherings…and I am 21.  This year one of our many cousins is coming as well, and while he is younger than me, he is still older than they typical age for children to have an egg hunt. But we have a ton of plastic eggs, and my mom thought it would be a good idea for us to have a little fun with.  So I suggested an adult Easter egg hunt…we’re putting lottery scratchers in our eggs!

Here is the background on where my idea came from.  My family has a lot of people in it, so for Christmas we don’t buy gifts for people once they reach a certain age because that would get too expensive year after year.  We celebrate together with a meal and have a white elephant gift exchange. My dad usually buys those plastic candy canes filled with candy (like M&M’s or Hersey Kisses) or something similar for the adults so they all have something to open, and he attaches a scratcher to the candy.  It’s small and inexpensive, but I have always thought it was sweet of him to do. (My dad isn’t the most expressive man when it comes to emotions, so it melts my heart when he does things that are sweet!) Plus, let’s face it, scratchers are fun to receive because you never know if you are going to win!

Anyway, back to Easter.  When my mom said she wanted to have an Easter egg hunt, those Christmas gifts were the first thing that popped into my head.  So I suggested if we are going to have an Easter egg hunt it should be for adults, and we (well her…since she is paying for them) should put scratchers in some eggs.  Mom totally loved the idea!

She wanted to make things fair so that every guest received something…so we took our largest Easter eggs and wrote a name of one of our guests on each egg.  Inside the egg we put a scratcher along with a piece of candy.  For my cousin who isn’t 18 yet, we bought a better piece of large candy to put in his egg. This way, everyone will get a scratcher and everyone has an egg that they have to find during the hunt.  My sister later said we should put mini bottles of shooters in the other large eggs!  Mom didn’t want to buy those…but we did it just for us two and put a few in left over large eggs we didn’t write names on, to make a more adult hunt. Then we simply filled the rest of our eggs with candy.

When me and my sister were kids, we would have Easter egg hunts all over the yard…and every year we always missed some eggs.  My parents would find them months or sometimes years later while they were gardening or doing yard work.  Usually they would be rotten, (If they were real eggs we dyed) or the candy inside would be nasty. (But sometimes it was still good!) To prevent this from happening again this year, my mom counted and wrote down the number of total eggs we are hiding this year.  (170 to be exact) Also we limited the egg hunt to only one section of her yard; just a couple of flowerbeds and nothing too deep that people cannot easily grab it.  Instead of using Easter baskets for people to hold plastic eggs during the hunt, my mom bought paper lunch bags so our guests can write their name on their bag; no one eats someone else’s candy, and they have something to take their candy home in!