carrot cookie

Carrot Easter


My mom is having Easter Brunch at her house this year.  In our family, one member hosts and assigns the other members something to bring to the party too.  This Easter I am brining two desserts, as well as helping with decorating.  We wanted to incorporate a few ideas this year and carrots and eggs are our main themes.  My mom and I picked two really cute table cloths from Kohls with three rows of eggs down the fabric, so we needed something with carrots for the table.  I saw a cute idea for wrapping your plasticware on Disney’s Family Fin site and thought it would work nicely for our buffet style brunch.  Carrot plasticware turned out to be really cute is quick to make.

All you need is large orange napkins, green plasticware, and pipe cleaners.  First fold large napkin in half.  Then take one corner, fold it into the middle, repeat on other side.  This makes a triangle.  Place plasticware at an angle inside on fold, roll remaining napkin around plasticware.  Secure with pipe cleaners; trim ends of the pipe cleaners.  If you need pictures the Disney site has a great graphic.

Unfortunately I was home alone and didn’t have enough hands to take pictures.


For a carrot dessert I made carrot cookies in a dirt cup. I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and followed to Our Dish.  I adapted the recipe to make the carrot and top edible.

You need:

  • Sugar cookie mix and ingredients on package
  • Red and yellow food coloring
  • Package of Oreos
  • Green Sour Punch Straws
  • Frosting

First, mix cookies according to the package, and add food coloring.  A good color rule of thumb is 2-red drops for every 3-yellow drops.  Take your time with coloring and mix well every few combinations.  I probably used 10-red and 15-yellow drops.



Roll about 2 tablespoons of dough in the palm of your hands and shape into a cylinder.  Place on ungreased cookie sheet, shape like a carrot.  Again, take your time and be creative.  Once your sheet is full gently score one side of the carrots with a butter knife to give them a more realistic look.  Cook according to the cookie package directions.


Watch the time to be sure to remove the cookies before they start to brown.  No one wants to eat a brown carrot.

After the cookies have cooled cut Sour Punch Straws in quarters and fix to cookie with a dab of frosting.






As frosting sets make the Oreo cookie dirt.  Place two rows of Oreos in your food processor and pulse until it resembles dirt.  Place dirt in cups or a bowl, insert finished cookies.


I hope you have a wonderful Easter!