Duck Tape Key Lanyard

My co-worker’s little sister gave me a wallet that is entirely made out of duck tape.  It is pretty awesome and I am in love with it!  Today I was feeling a little uninspired on what to create and then I found my wallet in my purse so I started trying to come up with other ideas of what I can make with duck tape. I use duck tape as a fix for everything; I love it and I love that now you can find duck tape in tons of different colors and patterns. Duck Tape’s website has a name for these, Ducktivities.  Genius, right?! While I came up with many ideas of what to make, this is what I went with..maybe I’ll make the others later!

What you need:

  • Duck Tape
  • Ruler (Optional, but helpful)
  • Scissors
  • Key Ring
  • Hole Punch (Optional)




Lay ruler on a flat surface.  Measure out desired duck tape length, I did 12 inches.  I wanted to make a small lanyard that can fit around your wrist, but if you want a necklace-type lanyard then measure out a longer piece of tape.  Cut tape at desired length





Remove tape from ruler and fold outside edges inward until they overlap just slightly.  This creates a seam in the middle while covering all of the tape’s adhesive so it doesn’t get stuck to things.



Cut an addition piece of duck tape off of role a few inches long.  Fold lanyard in half with seam on the inside, creating a loop on one end and  lining up edge pieces on the other.  Place smaller piece of duck tape on open end.  Cut small squares on edges (to make folding over easier) and fold over open end of lanyard to make it loop that covers both pieces.


I didn’t want my key ring to be stuck in a loop, so I simply used a hole punch to make a spot for a key ring to attach.  Punch hole away from edge to ensure it will not rip.  And you’re done!