Santa Monica Pier

Wednesday is date day for me and my boyfriend.  We usually go out to lunch between my school and work schedule or get lunch and watch a marathon of Netflix videos.  This week I am on Spring Break so I got the day off work so we can have a whole day together.  I’ve been wanting to go to Santa Monica to take pictures at the beach and pier ever since I got my new camera, so that is where the day took us!  Not to get too mushy, but I must say to finally have a boyfriend who will indulge my crazy ideas and spend a whole day going to the beach with me just taking pictures of random things means a lot.  I am so lucky to have someone wonderful in my life who supports me and actually enjoys accompanying me.  Now that I got all my feelings out, here are some photos from our little day trip.  I hope you enjoy them!

Our day started with a picnic lunch on the beach.

This picture my boyfriend took is my favorite!

Then we headed over to the pier to check out some of the entertainment.  The pier has rides, shops and vendors, food, a small carnival area, tons of different types of people, and even a police station!

Then we went back to the beach to explore and over to the rings in the original muscle beach to see all the crazy stunts people were doing.

I had to attempt it too!

All in all this was a wonderful day, I had a great time.  And I went home with a lovely little sun burn on my face and a terrible outline of my sunglasses!