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Family Chore Chart

Chore Chart

Chores.  The mere mention of this word makes some people cringe.  Kids avoid them and parents assign them to kids so they can avoid them.  I can’t say I was a fan of chores as a kid, but since my husband and I bought a house I try my hardest to avoid loosing that new home look… Every weekend I get out all my cleaners and rags and do a once over the whole house.

A few weekends ago I was feeling a little overwhelmed with all the chores and not wanting to nag my husband for help I continued on.  Monday my emotions got the best of me and sadly my husband got the brunt of my bad mood.  I decided to take a few measures toward preventing this in the future.

Since Jackie and I were kids our mom would write out a list of chores that needed to be done and we would divide them up.  When I got married and moved out I found myself doing the same thing to keep on task (my husband is a fan of making lists too).  We have been writing our lists out on his dry erase board ever since.

Thanks to Pintrest I have been inspired by mothers everywhere making chore charts for their children and decided to make a more permanent chart for our family.  My hope is this chart will help me stay sane and also help my husband to see what needs to be done without my having to ask (every wives dream).

With just the two of us our chart was pretty simple.  I wanted to make something simple and clean looking so as not to add clutter around the house.  I use a Mac so in Pages I opened up a blank document and inserted a few text boxes and added my chores.  Feel free to be creative with your charts, you know your family best.  I put the chart under glass so we can still have the same dry erase feel but not have to recreate a list every week.  We will see how it goes (crossing fingers)

Chore Chart