St. Patrick’s Rice Crispy Treats

Are you ready for my super secret recipe for making rice crispys? Step 1, go buy a box of rice crispy cereal.  Step 2, look on the side of the box for the Kellogg recipe.  Simple, I know, but incredibly delicious. Below are a few different ideas on to change up the normal recipe to make St. Patrick’s Day rice crispy treats.

Colored Rice Crispy Treats

First, when marshmallows and butter are completely melted in pan, add green food coloring before you add the cereal.  This way your rice crispy treats will be green!  (Or you could do another color for a different occasion.)  You can put them in a pan to cool like normal, or continue to the next idea.

Shamrock Rice Crispy Treats

After you have mixed the cereal into marshmallow / butter mix you would normally put it into a greased pan to cool.  Do this, but have a shamrock cookie cutter on hand.  Spray the back of a large spoon with cooking spray (so that you don’t get a sticky mess on your hands) and press rice crispy mixture into the pan so you have a nice, even surface to work with.  Place cookie cutter into cereal mix and press down till you hit the bottom. Wiggle cookie cutter to free and pull out you reveal a shamrock shaped rice crispy treat in the same fashion you make sugar cookies!  Set on a plate to cool.

Rice Crispy Treat Balls

I had never done this before but wanted to try something different with my rice crispys this time.  So after pouring them into the pan to cool, grab some chunks of rice crispy and start roiling in your hands to make a ball.  After you have a ball shape, insert a candy stick and set on a plate to cool and harden.  Once they are done cooling you can stand them up and they won’t fall off.