30 Day Instagram Challenge

Got a fancy iPhone or iPod?  Love instagram?  Don’t have instagram?  Then download it!

I love photography.  I love taking pictures.  I love looking at other people’s pictures.  I have had zero time for both of these lately, and zero motivation.

I like photo challenges because they help you to look at your world in a different way and experiment with photography to find what style you like.  Instagram is a favorite app of mine because you can edit and add effects to photos right there on your phone!  So here is a little 30 day challenge I’ve come up with to get some creative juices flowing.  I will upload to instagram daily and on here every few days or so for those of you who do not have an iPhone.

It’s pretty simple.  Just download the photo list so you can reference it to know what your picture assignment is for the day.  Upload your photo to instagram and add our hashtag #lalalandphotochall in the caption field along with whatever you have to say about your picture.  Don’t forget to check out what other people have done and spread the word.  Start whenever, 30 days is all it takes!

Follow us on instagram to see what we are doing as well, my username is: buttcrackie  my sisters user name is:  nb3rry