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Welcome to in-lala-land.  We are two sisters who were best friends by convenience as children and are best friends as adults by choice.  This is our lifestyle blog, where we hope to share simple crafts, tasty recipes, inspiring style and inspiring decor!


Every little girl dreams of being the a pretty princess when she grows up.  Around high school we begin to experiment with make up and products and in our twenties finally figured out a look that we love.  At least that's how it happened for us!


Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself, whether it be crafts, home projects or organizing.  We do a lot of things around the house.  We like to be homemakers and get a little creative.  We hope to inspire you.



Style tells a story or about your personality.  It can make a statement, are you bold, flirty, modest, trendy, or just tired?  Whether we are rebelling, conforming to trends or just trying to get comfortable, style is a big part of who we are.


Home Cooking

Everyone needs to eat.  You may be vegan, gluten free, sugar free, carb free, paleo... the list goes on and on.  It all comes down to basic need for tasty food.  Check out some of our favorites.

16th Jul 2014

Bedazzled Make Up Pouch

Have you ever gotten board with your make up pouch?  Here is an easy way to make a great change.  Bedazzled Make Up Pouch!  I bedazzled mine with silver crystals...

10th Jul 2014

Thumbtack Ampersand Cork Board

I have big dreams of fixing up my office/craft area.  I started collecting ideas on Pinterest and now for the big challenge, actually making a decision and completing the space....

08th Jul 2014

Beauty Swap

A few weeks ago I hosted a beauty swap party with some friends to clean out all my unwanted makeup products.  From having beauty subscriptions I have some things that...

17th Jun 2014

June Ipsy

This month’s bag cam really quick, I had just received the shipping confirmation email and checked it to find out it had already been delivered! It was a pleasant unexpected...

11th Jun 2014

Little Girl Bow Holder

My little girl has collected a pretty good assortment of bows in her 7 months of life.  A majority of them came from her shower.  I had already created a headband...

21st May 2014

Blue Hawaiian Martini

My husband and I have seem to be liking tropical flavored drinks ever since we got home from our honeymoon so that is probably what made me want to make...

20th May 2014

May Ipsy

This month has been pretty stressful with finals and trying to finish school and get good grades before the semester is over.  But I am happy to say it is...

13th May 2014

Cucumber Toner

I made this toner a while ago and finally used the entire bottle!  I enjoyed making my own toner because I controlled what ingredients were inside and I knew how...

09th May 2014
Mothers Day Cards

Mothers Day Cards

Mothers Day is this Sunday.  Do you have plans?  With it being my first Mothers Day our weekend is pretty booked.  Tonight we celebrate my mom, Saturday we celebrate Jon’s...

30th Apr 2014

The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2014

This past Saturday Jackie and I took Eleanor to Long Beach to change her diaper.  Why you ask?  Well we were hoping to change her diaper and be included in...

29th Apr 2014


I have recently used up a few products that I absolutely loved.  Jackie often shares new products we get from Ipsy and Birchbox so I wanted share some of the ones we...

24th Apr 2014

Why I Blog.

A few years ago I discovered Pintrest and found how easy it was to find crafts, photography, food, and a whole bunch of other wonderful things to inspire me.  I...

22nd Apr 2014

Oil Pulling

From reading a few blogs we have found that a new health fad is oil pulling to improve oral health.  It comes from an ancient remedy and involves putting some...

21st Apr 2014
Sunday Best

Sunday Best

Yesterday was Easter, we hope you all had a wonderful day either with family or just enjoying the wonderful weather.  Jackie and I spent the day with family, lots of...

17th Apr 2014
About us

Why I Blog

Back in 2011 my little sister Jackie approached me with a pitch to start a blog together.  I had just gotten married and moved out the year before, and although...

16th Apr 2014
Easter Finger Puppets

Easter Finger Puppets

It is Easter week!  Its my first Easter with a little one and I am a little excited to give her a little Easter Basket.  What do you typically put...