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Welcome to in-lala-land.  We are two sisters who were best friends by convenience as children and are best friends as adults by choice.  This is our lifestyle blog, where we hope to share simple crafts, tasty recipes, inspiring style and inspiring decor!


Every little girl dreams of being the a pretty princess when she grows up.  Around high school we begin to experiment with make up and products and in our twenties finally figured out a look that we love.  At least that's how it happened for us!


Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself, whether it be crafts, home projects or organizing.  We do a lot of things around the house.  We like to be homemakers and get a little creative.  We hope to inspire you.



Style tells a story or about your personality.  It can make a statement, are you bold, flirty, modest, trendy, or just tired?  Whether we are rebelling, conforming to trends or just trying to get comfortable, style is a big part of who we are.


Home Cooking

Everyone needs to eat.  You may be vegan, gluten free, sugar free, carb free, paleo... the list goes on and on.  It all comes down to basic need for tasty food.  Check out some of our favorites.

31st Oct 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Nicole and Jackie at in-lala-land! We hope you have a wonderful holiday and get to celebrate with your family and friends. Like this:Like Loading...

30th Oct 2014

Elf Ghost Cookies

Tomorrow Eleanor and I are going to a little Halloween party with our mommy and me group.  Moms are brining snacks and I decided to make some cute festive cookies to...

24th Oct 2014

Jean Hacks Infographic

I was sent this beautiful infographic (link) and just had to share it with all of you.  As I was reading it I learned some great tips on washing and...

21st Oct 2014

October Ipsy

This month #Ipsy had the theme “Beauty Candy” and is filled with colorful, eye-catching samples for every one’s bags. Like this:Like Loading...

01st Oct 2014

September Ipsy

Apologies for this post being a late, it has been one crazy & busy month for me!  My Ipsy arrived a few days later than it was supposed to and...

29th Sep 2014
Finished product

Mr & Mrs Pillow Cases

Weddings are becoming more and more frequent in my life and it is wonderful to see two people start a new life together.  Unfortunately that sometimes means it is hard...

26th Sep 2014
Finished Product

Flameless Candle Makeover

I used flameless candles in my wedding and have a few leftover I now like in my home.  I bought them on sale at Hobby Lobby for a great price and...

16th Sep 2014

REDBOOK + L’Oréal Paris House Party

This past weekend I was selected to host a REDBOOK + L’Oréal Paris Happy Hour House Party.  I invited some girls over and we tried out some great products.  If you...

09th Sep 2014
How to apply mascara

How to Apply Mascara

A few days ago I stumbled on an interesting info-graphic.  It got me thinking… Have I been applying my mascara wrong my entire life?? To be honest, I was never...

05th Sep 2014
Pinterest Fail: Cleaning Baking Sheets

Pinterest Fail: Cleaning Baking Sheets

It has been awhile since we have had a Pinterest Fail!  I guess that is a good thing, We all want Pinterest tips and tricks to work, but sometimes they...

28th Aug 2014

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

When I first moved into my apartment with my husband I made a soap dispenser for our kitchen to make it more decorative.  Nicole suggested I decorate it a bit...

26th Aug 2014

Empties #2

Its time again to share some Empties!  These are products that we liked or loved so much that we used them all up.  We get lots of samples and new products through...

21st Aug 2014
house numbers

House Numbers Sign

Jon and I bought our house over two years ago.  When we moved in we had all sorts of plans of improvements and things to make it “our home”.  Well...

19th Aug 2014

August Ipsy

With summer coming to a (sad!) end it’s back to school preparedness time.  This year, I’m actually excited to go back to school…but we will see how long that excitement...

15th Aug 2014
striped cork board

Striped Cork Board

A few weeks ago I decorated a cork board with thumbtacks and made a Thumbtack Ampersand Cork Board.  This week I decorated another cork board from my four-pack with spray paint to...

14th Aug 2014

Wine Cork Keychain

I have lots of wine corks from my server days serving with wine – I collected corks for a while for craft purposes.  Now I have a bunch laying around...

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